About C.L. Aguilar

C.L. Aguilar was raised in southern California, but he got to Texas as soon as he could to marry a gorgeous Japanese southern belle. He is also stepdad to a creative and hilarious adult son. He contributes most of his inspiration to the small but dynamic family of which God has blessed him. Starting his career by writing scripts for children’s ministries, he also draws inspiration from the fantastical worlds young people love. PROJECT MORPHEUS is his debut novel, and the first in a series that will explore such worlds and the frequent dangers that plague them.

Other Projects


I have always believed the greatest way to communicate truth is through the age-honored tradition of storytelling. Whether it be TV, movies, video games, music, or the dying art of conversation, stories have a way to engage an audience like nothing else. I have written and directed many stories throughout the years: Egoville, The Mountain People, Kevin's Bacon, Office WarsMind Games, and my personal favorite, Down in the Jump.


My wife and I have been writing ministry curricula for the last ten years for preschool to youth. We are passionate about applying the words of Frederick Douglass who said, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Some of our curricula include, but are not limited to: Mind Games - Breaking Through the Lies Within the Culture, Soul Ties - Breaking Through the Lies Within Ourselves, and Spirit Break Out - Living a Life of Power in a Powerless World.

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