Tensions Part 1: Introduction

I am not an expert on any subject, nor do I claim to be. I know a little bit about a lot of different subjects; however, I have not mastered any one topic. Due to my wide-ranging interests, some might consider me "middle of the road", but I prefer the term "well-rounded". We have enough self-proclaimed experts in this world - taking sides and alienating people - that the last thing the internet needs is another individual or entity telling you how to think or what to buy.

The purpose of my weekly writings is not to sell you on an idea or a product. I am merely sharing thoughts and stories from my personal observations about life and the intricacies that surround it.

Having now given my disclaimer, I am starting a series of articles I am calling "Tensions". Through this series I will be exploring opposing worldviews that work in tandem to formulate balance in our minds, emotions, philosophies, and theologies such as: justice vs. mercy, lament vs. praise, war vs. peace, etc. This series is inspired by an in depth study I have recently been doing through the book of Ecclesiastes. No, I am not an expert on this particular book or any other one for that matter, but if you are blessed by what you read over the next several weeks, hopefully my prayer for you will be fulfilled, that you will do your own study and find out for yourself what you believe and why you believe it - creating in your own life a well-rounded balance that will benefit you and the world around you.

If balance to you sounds weak, I have friends of whom you would find good company. In fact, I have one particular friend who so staunchly opposes the word "balance" that he and I get into frequent discussions about it. While I respect his opinions on the matter and appreciate some of his reasons why, I personally see the pendulum at its strongest position when it is not swinging hard to the right or left, but remaining steady and consistent in the middle. The pendulum doesn't need to be stopped or stabilized. It simply needs to keep swinging so that our "sides" do not become our idols and we can continue to grow together in unity rather than offense.

May the Lord bless you as we explore these topics together.

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