Tensions Part 11: Keeping and Purging

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Solomon wisely communicates in Ecclesiastes 3:6 that there are seasons of keeping and seasons of throwing away. Like any American seeking a better life, I have experienced my fair share of moving from one home to another. Houses. Apartments. College. Every time I moved, I had to make a decision what I was going to keep and what I was going to purge. My typical rule of thumb is that if I haven't used - or even looked at - something in over a year, it gets relegated to the giveaway pile or the trash heap. Not everything makes the cut. I have said goodbye to favored clothes, movies, CD's, books, mementos, old greeting cards, and those useless jars of bacon grease that keeping adding up without reason.

The same notion of purging happens in our budgets when we have to trim the financial fat. It happens in sports when teams need to cut the low performers to make room for greater achievers. It happens when we clean out our fridges to get rid of expired food. It even happens in relationships when we have to cut our losses of time invested when said relationships are no longer a healthy pursuit. If we hoard everything, we will live in clutter and chaos. If we discard everything, it is a sign of fearing commitment as we trash our belongings and live a destitute life free of any perceived weights and chains.

American ideals are also experiencing the question of what to embrace. Citizens are deciding what mindsets they want to keep and what mindsets they want to purge, causing polarization on an electric scale with global implications. I for one have shown no love to the state at which biblical values are degrading. Our nation's morality is crumbling under the weight of our tolerance. We have accepted everyone's personal truths as universal truths thus diminishing absolute truths. When we accept all things as fact, all manner of life begins to waste away in the shadow lands of subjectivity.

First, God was in question and we decided that he is no longer absolute, making him an object of a person's mere choice to believe. Once we decided God is not absolute, his literature (The Bible) became open to debate. Did God really say . . . sound familiar? Now that his word is not absolute, the morals found in his word are no longer relevant. Things like making money or building a family or treating our neighbors are all under attack from the moral posturing of supposed free thinkers.

So, what happens we hoard every ideology as important and discard none of them? We are left with a people who accept everything from legalizing "safe" heroine dens to meandering through an endless list of mixed gender identities. Now that all things are possible and acceptable, truly destructive vices are attempting to swirl us further down the rabbit hole as sexuality is headed toward the eventual endgame of legalizing bestiality and pedophilia.

There is hope though!

There are emerging conservative voices who have decided that is not alright to sit back and be forced to accept things that are obviously wrong. I'll give you one such encouraging example. The organization, Enough is Enough, has been fighting the issue of online pornography for a long time now. They have won a small victory in which coffee conglomerate, Starbucks, will change it's WiFi filtering to no longer allow adult content viewing in their stores, following suit with other food and beverage chains such as Chick-Fil-A. And because most actions have a trickle down effect, other companies are changing their policies to fight the giant named porn as well.

In a post from The New York Times yesterday, the blogging juggernaut site, Tumblr, which had very lax policies regarding porn, has now decided to ban it, effective December 17. According to the article, Tumblr has problems with underage exposure and solicitation, and that their decision has "been in the works." Created in 2007, and reaching its peak in 2012, one can only imagine exactly how long the decision has been brewing, but we can celebrate the win nonetheless.

As we take moral inventory of our lives, our media, and our nation, some things are appropriate to keep and others need to be trashed. I applaud Starbucks and Tumblr for trashing pornography and keeping it out of the eyes of children. It is a small sign that we haven't gone completely insane and fighting for absolute truths can produce good fruit.

Considering your individual inventory, understand that being intolerant of certain things is good. Be intolerant of rape, murder, and genocide. Be intolerant of lying, cheating, and stealing. These are not uniquely Christian values. These are human values God built into every living being's conscience, and they are important to keep as we move into the next phase of world history.

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