Tensions Part 6: Weeping and Laughing

This election is the most important midterm election since I have been alive. With an increase in polarization, people are more passionate about their sides than ever before. While many Americans see this as President Trump's doing - saying he is such a divisive leader - the loyalty to sides truly became evident under the Obama administration. Democrats had their poster boy as president, and it forced Republicans to get organized and rally together. Via Obama's America, we saw a dramatic increase of leftist achievements that made middle-of-the-road voters either move more left in support of Obama's policies or move more right in efforts to oppose them.

When the 2016 presidential race happened, the reality is that there were simply more people moving right than left. And while it has been said that Trump did not win the election as much as Clinton lost the election, the truth remains the same. Americans were fed up with the way things were moving and wanted change. I remember very clearly my liberal friends weeping at the sound of Trump receiving the presidency. They wept again at the sound of his inauguration. Some of them couldn't even go to work and live their lives in peace like they were grieving the loss of a spouse. After all, these people were married to their ideologies. They were truly distraught over the news, and to this day, they can't seem to move forward. When asked why they are so depressed, all they can muster is a vague accusation against Trump ruining America, but what they really mean is that Trump is ruining the America that Obama built and the America where their ideas remain unopposed.

Solomon's sermon on seasons in Ecclesiastes 3 seems to be applicable to every realm of life, whether it is family, religion, education, media, entertainment, business, or politics. If you are married to your opinions, today might be the start of your honeymoon or a funeral depending on who wins. That is why we have to hold to a firmer foundation in these troubled times. Being married to your faith in Christ will determine how you handle today's outcomes. It's a much more solid rock than our political viewpoints. Presidents and other elected officials come and go, but the word of the Lord endures forever. He is never elected out of His seat of authority. And because he will remain on the throne, I can laugh regardless if the leaders for which I voted win or lose. I will move into my future as bright as ever with laughter in my belly and joy in my heart because my true Leader is still in charge and will be forever.

Whether you are weeping or laughing at the results of today's happenings, know this: your weeping is only a season and your laughing is only a season. You might win this day and lose the next or vice versa. Whatever happens, do not get stuck in your season and respond appropriately, with dignity and honor. Do not miss work to celebrate or grieve. Do not neglect your family because of the results. Find your peace and move forward. That is how an adult handles life.

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