In a world where fathers are not only absent, but often ridiculed, it is refreshing to find a man who will stand up, despite his failures, to protect and save his children. Such is the case with John Randall, a broken man trying to put the pieces of his shattered family back together.

With John's marriage torn apart by his own self-indulgence, his teenage son, Matthew, is left to find refuge in the online world of fantasy - his mind becoming so entangled in the duality between what is real and what is fiction that his soul becomes united with delusion and falsehood.

When Matthew becomes mentally debilitated by a suspicious car accident, his seemingly estranged father does anything necessary to pull him out of an evilly induced coma, even to the point of participating in an experimental procedure where he will have to go beyond the comforts of his worldview to sever the fantasies that imprison his son. Though determined to liberate Matthew, John will discover there are supremely darker forces than he realized pushing against his success.

Mendacium - Book 1: Project Morpheus